Attracting Qualified, Ready-to-Act Buyers

Once you decide now is the time to sell your home, how do we go about finding qualified, ready-to-act buyers?

By marketing your home for all it's worth!

"92% of home buyers used the internet to find their new home. 88% of home buyers purchased their home through a real estate agent. 45% of home buyers used a mobile or tablet website or application to search for their home. 22% of mobile searchers reported they ultimately found their new home with a mobile application."

— National Association of Realtors 2013 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers.

For a moment, let's step into the home buyers shoes. Imagine yourself shopping for a new home, cup of coffee in hand, browsing the internet on your computer, ipad or mobile phone looking for what's new on the market. And there you see the perfect home showcased in a slew of rich, color photos. You stop and watch the virtual tour. Read through the details thoroughly prepared. With the click of your mouse or tap of your finger, you're in touch with the agent and the conversation begins.

Today, home buyers may live right around the corner or a continent away. Marketing your home for all it's worth means to reach out across many different platforms, through different types of media to reach the prospective home buyer wherever they may be.

The Seven Steps to Marketing Your Home For All It's Worth!

  • Planning & Preparation
  • Online Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Print
  • Advertising
  • Networking

My first step in selling your home is to create an action driven marketing plan with the support of a professional marketing team and innovative technology resources. The right marketing plan, one with a strong online and mobile strategy, is the key to presenting your home to the most buyers possible. From distributing your home's listing to 900+ websites globally to architectural-quality photography to mobile compatible virtual home tours, the goal is to attract qualified, ready-to-act buyers and their agents. Read more...