Market Update November 2014

Market Update | December 2014

First and foremost, warmest holiday wishes. May this season of celebration be joyful to all you hold dear, filled with love and good cheer!

The holiday selling season is underway. Often, home sellers will remove their homes from the market during this season. However, this is a good time to offer your home for sale. Less competition from other homes for sale. Buyers who are dedicating the season to finding a new home tend to be very motivated. Your home shines with all the warmth of the season.

As has been the trend, well priced, well prepared homes are selling promptly. Several niches within each city marketplace, such as tear-down cottages in the Corona del Mar Village, are in high demand. With strong competition, home sellers should be thoughtful in pricing their homes and to preparing their homes for presentation. | Read more...

Irvine Equestrian Center

Then and Now: Irvine Equestrian Center Circa 1976

Growing up in Newport wasn't all sailing and surfing. Yes, there were horses, too. Just outside of Corona del Mar on your way to Laguna Beach was the Irvine Equestrian Center where several hundred horses were stabled. Kids from Newport, Corona del Mar and Laguna spent their days after school and on weekends at the barn. The really cool part was riding our horses on the beach in the summer.
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