"Then and Now" comes from the heart. Many of the stories I'll be sharing have been passed down through my family and others, my own experiences growing up in Newport. I hope you find each edition interesting, have a laugh now and then and share in the love and respect I have for our city.

Irvine Equestrian Center

  • Irvine Equestrian Center
  • Crystal Cove State Park is now located where the Irvine Equestrian Center once stood.
  • Crystal Cove Ocean View Homes

Then - Irvine Equestrian Center

Growing up in Newport wasn't all sailing and surfing. Yes, there were horses, too. Just outside of Corona del Mar on your way to Laguna Beach was the Irvine Equestrian Center where several hundred horses were stabled. Kids from Newport, Corona del Mar and Laguna spent their days at the barn. The really cool part was riding our horses on the beach in the summer. Can you see me in the foreground?

— Circa 1976

Now - Crystal Cove State Park

The equestrian center was eventually closed in the 80s and is now the location of the beautiful Crystal Cove State Park. The hillsides across the highway are now the Pelican Hill Resort and the stunning homes of the Pelican communities and Crystal Cove. Horses can still be found in Newport near the Back Bay in Santa Ana Heights.

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